We love living in Baltimore City! Justin grew up in Hamilton in the northeast corner of the city, having lived there his entire life. Natalie came to Baltimore when she joined staff at Hopkins. Now we live in an apartment in Charles Village (which we call Rivendell for its many windows at the treeline level – yes, we’re LotR nerds). Over the past few years, we have run and participated in urban plunges and projects in southwest Baltimore, volunteering and studying the Bible in the context of all the problems facing the community. More recently, we joined the core team of City Church Presbyterian, a church plant in the Roland Park area. Our eyes have been opened to issues in the city, and our hearts have been broken for the city. We’ve also seen many good and beautiful things that God is doing here. We’re excited to be a part of God’s work and to invite college students to do the same!

On our weekly date nights, we enjoy visiting and eating at different spots all over Baltimore. Here are some of our favorites!