Veteran’s Day

My favorite movie is the Band of Brothers mini-series. My favorite video game is Battlefield 4. My childhood fantasy was to be a pilot in the Blue Angels. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Navy SEALs.

I am fascinated by war, but more specifically by the mentality of soldiers – how they operate at such a high level under the greatest pressure, how they selflessly throw themselves in harm’s way for the good of their brothers in arms. I love to hear their stories and see their photos or videos. In particular, I love to listen to my grandfather, Richard Muffoletto, recount his tales of being a World War II B-24 engineer.

Edward Holum Crew

Edwart T. Holum Crew#88 Left to right standing: Edward Holum (pilot), Morris Davidson (co-pilot), Arthur Gentry (navigator) Bottom: Warren Wiedman (waist gunner), Lyle Waite (waist gunner – armor), Marvin Speiser (nose gunner), Lawrence Dobson (radio operator), Richard Muffoletto (flight engineer), Raymond Swanson (tail gunner) Picture taken during the summer of 1944 while crew training in the U.S.

Whatever we think about particular wars, or war in general, I have the greatest respect for veterans and I am extremely proud of my grandfather for his service. Who are the veterans in your life?

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