Silk Road Global Project 2014 Quotes

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Due to a lack of internet and technology while in China, I haven’t posted anything for the past 5 weeks. So, for the coming weeks, I will post on my experiences and reflections in China. I’ll begin this series on a light note – a collection of memorable quotes from the trip. Hopefully they give a funny glimpse into our lives from the past month:

“Yeah bro, we’re going to Mongolia to serve the body, you know, just love on people” – Hippy cool guy on the plane (7/7)

“My favorite animal is a Hobbit.” – Jenna (7/11)

“Are you f***ing kidding me, man?” – Justin to the rat chasing him out of his hotel room (7/13 at 2 AM)

“Bad news everybody. …Our driver has diarrhea.” – Tour Guide (7/19)

“We have had a long day. We are tired. We need energy. …So I have bought us a goat.” – Tour Guide (7/19)

“I’m a gastronaut.” – Local student (7/24)

“They eat almost everything. Except people.” – Local student on Cantonese cuisine (7/24)

Locals’ favorite, overly (mis)used English idioms: “Ballpark.” “It is what it is.”

Americans’ favorite, overly (mis)used local idioms: “Is this thing a donkey cart?”

“This dopa itches the crap out of my head.” – Greg (7/24)

“I will never eat American drugs again.” – Local student after taking Western medicine

“They do diarrhea everywhere. In any and every situation – diarrhea.” – Local student on Chinese manners, confused farting and diarrhea

“I understand ‘it’s not right or wrong, it’s just different.’ But this isn’t a cultural difference. It’s a cultural mistake.” – Colleen on chopsticks (7/26)

“Little did you know that it would set off anal monsoon.” – Jenna on Pizza Hut

“We all have a fat jolly old person.” - Local student on Santa Claus

“Then they will go back to the bridal chamber and have a very happy night.” - Local student on weddings

“You shouldn’t shower everyday because, you know, it’s bad for your bones.” – Local students

“No, how are you? I heard you have diarrhea.” – Tour Guide to Jonathan (7/28)

“Literally translated, this is ‘chicken that will destroy your soul.’” – Siswo reading the menu

“Please don’t touch me there.” – Jonathan in the middle of Monopoly Deal

“And if you don’t give the kids candy, they’ll probably play a trick and trample your flowers or smash your windows.” – Siswo on Halloween

“There were cowboys riding their cows.” – Local student on Spring Festival

“Hot pot. Ice cream. Diarrhea.” – Tour Guide (8/3)

“I’ve been trying to get him to eat garlic so he’ll feel better, but he keeps refusing.” – Local student to Jonathan

If I missed any, add them in the comments below!

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