Weight GainWe all make promises to ourselves and others at the beginning of a new year. Many of us will spend a lot of time and money on our outward appearance in 2015. Friend me on MyFitnessPal – I’ll be trying to work off the 5 pounds I gained in the last week of 2014! (Natalie’s mom is an excellent cook…) But as my pastor noted this past Sunday (click to download podcast), while we strive to improve ourselves outwardly, we often “ignore and forget the value of our own hearts,” our internal condition.

Rather than making New Year’s resolutions, Natalie likes to pick just one word for the coming year. After some prayerful reflection, my word for 2015 is faithful. Even though doing “Christian stuff” is literally my job, my personal, private spiritual life in 2014 was lacking, to say the least. I was not faithful in spending daily time with God through scripture, prayer, and worship on my own. Normally I would choose a word like “discipline,” but discipline sounds like work and striving. Faithful, on the other hand, sounds like hopeful expectation that God is present. It also reminds me not to “cheat on God” with other things, like giving all of my time and attention to video games or hobbies. I want to be faithful in spending time with God in the coming year out of expectation for Him to show up, not just gritting my teeth and checking off the box.

What is your word for 2015?

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