I bought the K2 Astral 1.0 in summer 2012 to get exercise.  I like being outside but I don’t like running (too high-impact), so I figured a bike would be a good option.  I’ve really enjoyed it so far, though unfortunately I sustained a knee injury in August 2012 and have only just started to get back into it.  If I continue with cycling, I’d like to eventually invest in a better bike, but this one has done well for me at the beginner level.

Manufacturer: K2
Type: Hybrid
Model: Astral 1.0

Further specifications



On the right sidebar, I have a twitter account that specifically posts updates from my iPhone MapMyRide app. This is an excellent free app that calculates distance, speed, elevation, and generates a route map, among other things. Follow me on Twitter, friend me on MapMyRIDE, or check back here to keep up with my cycling!

Bike Shops

Here are two good bike shops that I’ve discovered in and around Baltimore.  Click the logos to visit their sites:

Twenty20 Cycling CompanyPerformance Bicycle