Huge nerd that I am, I’m really into technology. I love computers and software, video games, 3D modeling, videography, and web design, and I dabble in all of those things as a hobby.

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I’m thinking about eventually upgrading to a PS4, but I would consider switching over to an XBox One if more of my friends stay on that!

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From elementary school up to high school, my friend Sam and I were really into Legos. Sam had a huge Lego city in his basement, and I had a city of my own that took up a good portion of my room. We would go to each other’s houses and continue working on our cities together. Sam was always artistic and creative, while I brought a more rigid engineering mind to the table.┬áThis was perhaps the beginning of my love of building and designing things.

Falling Water

Up until Falling Water, I always dreamed of being a fighter pilot (I wanted to fly the Blue Angels for the Navy, which I saw many times at air shows at Andrew’s Air Force Base). But when Sam’s mom took us to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s incredible feat of architecture, both Sam and I were blown away. At that moment, we both decided that we wanted to be architects. We bought notepads and started sketching designs of buildings together. I eventually learned that I wasn’t creative enough, but Sam flourished and went on to pursue an engineering degree at Berkeley.

Jedi Outcast

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Even though I realized that I wasn’t going to be an architect, I still found a great outlet for those creative energies. Star Wars PC games were my favorite, and I learned that gamers could design their own levels and share them on the internet so that anyone could play them. Thus began a massive 3D modeling project on which I spent much of my free time in high school. I wanted to model my Baltimore neighborhood as well as unique spots around the city, including the World Trade Center and our football stadium. I did all of this with a GTKRadiant, a CAD-like program. Sadly, I never completed this project and only Sam and I actually ended up playing in it.

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Life is funny. I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. So naturally, I got my first job after graduation based on my high school experience doing 3D modeling for a Star Wars game, haha! I spent a year working as a project manager for the Johns Hopkins Student Technology Services, where I trained and managed a team of undergraduates for a 3D modeling project for the new Johns Hopkins Hospital building. We used Google Sketchup and Adobe Acrobat for this project, which was used to motivate and prepare hospital staff for the big move to the new building. Near the end of the project, I also began to toy with animation.

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